Reintroducing: Plasso

By Drew Wilson
On 15 November 2016

Welcome to the all new Plasso! It’s not just a re-engineering of the product, it's a re-creation of the entire company!

If you’re not already familiar with Plasso, we help people create their own businesses online with our super awesome e-commerce software. Have you ever wanted to charge customers on a subscription/membership/recurring basis? We can make that happen for you. No development or coding required! You’ll be all set to start making money and acquire customers with a few clicks. 💰

A bit of history

Plasso the brand has been around for over two years, but the product itself has an even longer and more interesting history.
As the founder, I first launched Plasso back in May of 2014, which was a re-engineering of an even older project of mine called Spacebox. Spacebox did some of the things Plasso does, but I was never able to get the business model right (hence my re-launch as Plasso). I ran Spacebox from 2012 to 2014. However, Spacebox was not my first attempt at e-commerce either. Going back even further, in 2010 I had launched Quixly. It was digital delivery software (it enabled you to sell your own digital goods) built on PayPal and Google Wallet. Just like Spacebox, the business model was no good and I wasn’t able to make any money from it. However, just like with Spacebox I was able to use it to sell my own digital goods, which got me more than enough money to support myself and my ventures.
So the story of Plasso really extends way back to 2010! It is 100% the result of building something I personally needed. From day, one it was just me writing every line of code, drawing every pixel and answering every support request. 🤓
But building something to "scratch my own itch" only got me so far. Plasso was working and profitable, yet as more and more people started to use it I started to fall further and further behind in progressing the platform. There was just too much for a single human to handle. It was time to take Plasso to the next level.

We’re a team!

I was fortunate enough to raise money from some great people who believe in Plasso. With that money I hired a stellar team of super smart and lovely people to join me in taking Plasso to the next level. 💼
We’ve been working tirelessly on re-building our platform from the inside out to maintain our “ship things fast, ship things often” approach to product development. As a single human doing everything, shipping fast is easy. Once you grow to a team of eight, it gets more challenging. So we’ve taken the time to ensure our system and workflow is setup in such a way that we can all iterate on the product quickly, while keeping things stable at the same time. It’s pretty awesome!

So much new stuff

We've not only re-engineered the platform, raised money and grown the team, but we've also just launched a brand new website and a new app design, including a great new on-boarding flow for new customers. We launched an all new Help Center and our new blog!
We've also added many improvements to our existing products: Membership, Storefront, Invoice and Pay Me.
And we've built a few completely new products that will launch in the coming months. We've got a lot of stuff planned and a lot of stuff already built. 😱 So much great stuff and we can't wait to show it to you all!

Let us help you

Starting a recurring/subscription revenue based business is a fantastic idea and that's where we come in. Let us help you start and grow your own business. Sign up for Plasso and see just how easy it is.
Our platform will handle all the customer management and billing for you. Go ahead and check it out now. 😁 We'd love to hear what you think!

Finally, I'd like to say Thank You So Much to all of our amazing customers, you've made all of this possible. We look forward to providing you with an ever better product, service and support. We're so stoked we've gotten to play a part in helping you start and grow your businesses! ✌️