Plasso + GoDaddy

By Drew Wilson
On 24 September 2018

Since 2014 we've been on a mission here at Plasso to make it easy for anyone to make money online. Today we're excited to announce we've officially joined GoDaddy and will be bringing that mission to even more people than we could on our own! 🎉

We've come a long way since we first launched in 2014. We raised money, refined our product offerings, added team members, and more, all to support our customers. 

This year alone we introduced our all new Storefront and Flexkit products. We made huge advancements in how our system processes payments, bringing all payment logic inside of Plasso. We worked round the clock (literally) and had an amazing time doing it.

Earlier this year, GoDaddy approached us with a partnership opportunity. After taking a look at their new website builder, GoCentral, I could really see that GoDaddy is up to something new. The builder is all modular and React based. It's smart too. For example, it pulls out imagery and default text for your website based on what you name your website and automatically provisions e-commerce capabilities for both product and service businesses. Super cool! If you don't believe me, go try it out. 😎

After talking to their engineering and product teams, I could really feel their focus and mission: GoDaddy is dead-set on making a truly great platform for all sorts of small businesses, with the primary goal of helping those businesses succeed.

This is something that we've also been trying to do. And with GoDaddy's resources and reach, we'll be able to bring the best parts of Plasso to so many more people. Keep an eye out for what we'll launch at GoDaddy. 👀

What's Next 🌅

As of today we're officially starting to wind down Plasso. That means we'll be shutting down and the services we provide on January 14th, 2019. As always, you have the ability to export your data from Plasso at any time. We're also adding a Stripe exporter to make it one-click simple to move any subscriptions you might have in Plasso that are not already on Stripe. This will be available in the coming weeks. 
For more in-depth info, we've made a helpful guide on how to move out of Plasso.

The tech and team behind Plasso have now moved over to GoDaddy. As it turned out, GoDaddy was gearing up to expand in a number of areas that align perfectly with what we do best. Plasso's tech will live on inside of GoDaddy and will help further their new e-commerce efforts, all with the goal to make it even easier for small businesses to thrive online. We're very proud that the code and systems we've built will continue to live on and help power the businesses of so many customers at GoDaddy! However, Plasso as a brand is coming to an end.

Thank you 🙏

It’s been an honor for us to help so many people run their businesses.

Thank you to all of our customers who made running Plasso possible and fun! Without you, we wouldn't be here today. 👏 Keep persisting, keep being creative and keep on growing your businesses! We wish you all the absolute best!

Thank you to everyone that supported Plasso even if you weren't a customer. And thank you to our investors who believed in us early on.

Thank you all! Plasso out! 🖐🎤

Reminder: We've made a helpful guide for more in-depth info on migrating away from Plasso.