Introducing: Billing

By Drew Wilson
On 02 December 2016

Hot on the heals of our complete re-launch, we're super proud to announce our newest addition to the Plasso product line: Billing 🎉

Subscriptions made easy

Billing is an entire customer management, billing, storage and authentication system ready to be embedded into your website. We think it's really going to change the way people build businesses online. With Billing you can instantly create a pay-wall on your own website using your own content. Enabling you to have full control over the customer experience and product, while Plasso takes care of the rest. You get all of this without writing any code at all.

How you can use it

Say you have some content, maybe it's music or software or ebooks or a blog or something else. But you want to charge people for this content, and you want them to have their own account with you.
This is where Billing comes in.
Simply make a website as you normally would (or use your existing website). Then drop in a snippet of Plasso code into your HTML, and drop in one more snippet in your back-end code. That's it, you're done! 🎊
All your content is now protected and inaccessible unless someone has signed up or logged in to your website. Customers can click a sign up button on your website and use Billing's interface to create an account with you. They'll have their own login information and be able to manage their account with you all from the Billing interface: update personal info, billing info, change passwords, see a billing history, etc.

Perfect for SaaS

Considering starting a business that charges customers on subscription for access to your software? Use Billing and get up and running in a couple minutes! We'll handle all the payments and user management. Leaving you to focus your time and energy on making your product amazing. 😊
Simply build your dashboard and other product pages, then drop in Billing. All those product pages will automatically be protected and secured behind your own pay-wall. No one will have access your product unless they sign up or log in. We handle it all for you!

Technical details

You do not need to build a user authentication system. You do not need to build any system. Your content is automatically protected by Billing. You do not need to write any code at all.
All customers will sign up and log in using the Billing interface. This lives on your page as an embedded iFrame, secured with 256-bit SSL. When a customer signs up or logs in, we forward them to your chosen URL (where your protected content lives). Once they arrive at that location, our code snippet runs in your back-end to check with Plasso to make sure that the customer is indeed logged in and is allowed access to that page.
We also return the customer's Plasso id, when a customer logs in, so you can store that; in the case you already have your own system and user storage running.

Setting it up

Or, if you're using Wordpress

For more details, read our guide on setting up Billing.

More on the horizon 🌅

We've been working tirelessly on making Plasso the best place to start and grow a business online. Right now we're focused on making subscription/memberships accessible to anyone (no technical knowledge needed). Billing is another step in that direction. Giving you even more flexibility than our fantastic Membership product (it makes memberships point & click easy). And we've got even more in store for you in the coming weeks/months. Stay tuned! 📺

We're so excited for this launch! 🚀 We've built something that we're really proud of and will make starting and running a business so much easier for many people. 😊
Go sign up for Plasso and try out Billing today! ✌️