Announcing: Flexkit

By Drew Wilson
On 19 July 2018

Hot on the heals of our new Storefront product launch just a few days ago comes our next product release, and it's a major one.

Today we're very proud to introduce the world to: Flexkit 🎉

Flexkit is a powerful build-anything-you-want HTML API for payments, e-commerce, user authentication and customer management. It's like using Stripe, but without the need to write any code... or have a server... or have a database.
Flexkit can turn your pages, even static HTML mockups, into full-fledged billing and membership systems just using HTML. Check out our new video for a closer look:

We've been hard at work building Flexkit up from nothing for more than a year. And now, all of our user interfaces and products at Plasso are powered by Flexkit. Yep, every single one! Our Storefront product uses Flexkit to handle all of its UI, even the Storefront Cart is built using Flexkit. Our Invoice and Pay Me products are also built using Flexkit. This means Flexkit will work with any UI you can dream up. It also means Flexkit is battle tested and you can be confident it will be continually and often improved upon. 🤝

By launching Flexkit not only are we continuing our mission to provide the most comprehensive e-commerce & payments platform on the internet, but we've also built something completely unique that we believe will help to empower developers to do even more than they previously could. 👍

A big Thank You to all of our early Flexkit customers who've helped to make this launch possible!